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  • Autor PAULA HAWKINS , 2016
  • Categoria Literatura
  • Paginas 416
  • ISBN 9781784161101

Toda la biografia de PAULA HAWKINS , 2016

Nacida y criada en Zimbabwe, Paula Hawkins se mudó a Londres en 1989, donde ha vivido desde entonces.

Ha trabajado como periodista durante más de quince años, colaborando con una amplia variedad de publicaciones y medios de comunicación.

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookTHE GIRL ON THE TRAIN

Rachel takes the same train every morning.

She knows she'll wait for the same signal every time, overlooking a row of back gardens.

He even began to feel as if he knew the people who live in one of the houses.

Jess and Jason, she calls them.

Her life, as she sees it, is perfect.

If Rachel could be so happy.

And then he sees something shocking.

It's only a minute before the train moves, but that's enough.

Now everything's changed.

Now Rachel has the opportunity to be part of the lives she only saw from afar.

Now you'll see; she's much more than the girl on the train....

El pdf THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN en español que trata sobre Literatura tiene 416 paginas, distribuido por la editoral TRANSWORLD PUBLISHERS, escritas por el escritor PAULA HAWKINS , 2016


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