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  • Autor CESAR BARBA , 2018
  • Categoria Guías de viaje
  • Editorial SUA EDIZIOAK
  • Paginas 153
  • ISBN 9788482166605

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookRUTES AMB HISTÒRIA

Catalonia is a country with more than a thousand years of history, and in this book we have seen the magnificent excuse provided by this long journey through time to propose a good series of excursions that will allow us to enjoy nature at the same time as we learn important passages from our history.

We have not been in this chapter since the time when this human being inhabited the caverns and passed through all the parts of the calendar that ended in the Civil War; nor have we been in this territory either, since the same pages of history have been in practically all the regions of the country.

On these pages you will find all the tracks to follow the excursions with comfort and also a historical note so that you can spend more time in the past and use your curiosity.

Here is what we offer this volume of excursions with history, an infinite possibility to enrich yourself while passing through the country.

El pdf RUTES AMB HISTÒRIA en español que trata sobre Guías de viaje tiene 153 paginas, distribuido por la editoral SUA EDIZIOAK, escritas por el escritor CESAR BARBA , 2018


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