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  • Autor CRAIG WARD , 2019
  • Categoria Arte
  • Editorial ACTAR D
  • Paginas 160
  • ISBN 9788415391357

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookPOPULAR LIES ABOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN

TED's award-winning designer, typographer and lecturer, Craig Ward, presents his first self-authored book - Popular Lies About Graphic Design.

An attempt to discredit the various misconceptions, the half-truths and, in some cases, the absolute lies that permeate the design industry.

With loving design and writing, both passionate and irreverent, Ward draws on his ten years of experience to address lighter issues such as design fetishists, Helvetica's neutrality and urgent reports, along with discussions on more valuable issues such as the validity of design education, the supposed death of the printing press, customer relations and field planning.

In addition, the book features contributions and insights from more than a dozen other established professionals such as Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, Christoph Niemann and David Carson, making it a must-see for students, recent graduates and experienced professionals alike.

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