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  • Autor TANITH LEE , 2017
  • Categoria Literatura
  • Editorial DAW BOOKS INC
  • Paginas 737
  • ISBN 9780756411015

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookNIGHT S SORCERIES

he final entry in Tanith Lee's classic fantasy series, Tales from the Flat Earth, Night's Sorceries, is an impressive conclusion to a dark and intricate epic of demons, gods and mortals.

Azhriaz, daughter of Azhrarn, the Lord Demon of the Night, has defied her father's wishes.

Taking the mantle of the Lady of Delirium, he escapes from the prison of his island in the Underground Land, where he would have spent his life in an eternal dream.

With Prince Chuz, her lover and sworn enemy of Azhrarn, she flees to the mortal realm of Flat Earth to escape her father's wrath.

But Azhrarn will not be so easily deterred, and the lovers' journey has not left the world untouched.

After their flight, new and strange enchantments emerge, exposing a world of chaos and mystery.

The mortals of Flat Earth are inextricably entwined in circumstances beyond their comprehension, caught in the midst of great conflicts of ambition and betrayal.

Night's Sorceries spins seven of these tales of wonders - of humans confronted with the supernatural.

Tests of true love, tests of humility and strength, and amazing transformations are intertwined in these lush stories of passion, revelation, and the human soul.

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