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  • Categoria Infantil
  • Editorial TAKATUKA
  • Paginas 40
  • ISBN 9788417383053

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookLA PILOTA GROGA

A different scenario will become a game of clues to find the big ball.

Readers of the following clues suggested by the characters on each double page, who are like pantalles of different realities, move forward or backward through the book until they reach their goal.

In Lluís and La Lluïsa they have lost a ball and to find it they must endise it behind the scenes of the book that serves as a tennis court.

The adventure will last throughout the ore of scenes and will force them, following all the clues you find, to the forefront and turn two pages forward, until you enter the whole story.

And the readers?

Ells, quin remei!, hauran de fer part de la feina: o això, o la història-és a dir, el joc-no acabà bé.


The illustrations explode in colour and movement on double pages with balloons of dialogue, which sow that we speak aloud, and details that become apparent in each new reading.

Ve molt de gust dir: match point."

Pedro Miguel Silva, Deus me Livro blog

El pdf LA PILOTA GROGA en español que trata sobre Infantil tiene 40 paginas, distribuido por la editoral TAKATUKA, escritas por el escritor DANIEL FEHR; BERNARDO P. CARVALHO , 2018


Opiniones de personas que descargaron DANIEL FEHR; BERNARDO P. CARVALHO , 2018

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