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With Comet, your students can use English to explore new topics and the world around them.

Speaking English is the main focus.

The general ambition is to learn other subjects through English.

The contents of a part.

An introductory unit sets the scene.

Students then learn English through four story-based units and four content-based units covering science, math, social studies, and literature.

Additional resources mean you can always add variety to your lessons. Comet Multimedia - DVD Game Box available at every other level - Digital whiteboard book for each levelComet students will develop their English, explore new topics and enjoy working together as a group.

The series offers young students the best start in life to learn and use English with:

- Step-by-step language development - Extensive practice of skills and retraining - Use of English to explore other school subjects - Exposure to universal human values - Plan for progress In each unit, there are seven lessons.

Along the way, there are many opportunities to practice, use the language of the previous units and participate in tasks that require sharing and giving information.

Working together is an important part of Comet, creating the right environment in the classroom for children to learn English through tasks in which they need - and want - to communicate with each other, as well as developing additional social skills, where students see the value of working in groups.

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