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  • Autor CHRISTIAN FLECHE , 2014
  • Categoria Salud y Dietas
  • Editorial OBELISCO
  • Paginas 144
  • ISBN 9788415968535

Toda la biografia de CHRISTIAN FLECHE , 2014

Christian Fleche es enfermero y psicoterapeuta.

Después de completar una maestría en PNL, se especializó en metáforas y decodificación psicobiológica.

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebook¿ENFERMO YO... PERO POR QUÉ?

What if the flu, allergies, acne or angina were related to a certain emotion?

And if each disease had its own particular emotion associated with it, an emotion that has not found its way to express itself?

Christian Flèche, in collaboration with his daughter Claire, addresses the young people to explain the meaning of the possible illnesses they may suffer from.

It is necessary to learn to put words to the ailment that is experienced and to the associated emotions, because to know oneself better is, in short, to communicate better.

And communicating what happens to us helps to transform disease.

Your thoughts and feelings are related to different illnesses.

Certainly, no one wants to walk around feeling emotional pain all the time, but when we reject our emotions, we can actually make things worse for ourselves.

In this book Christian Flèche and his daughter explain the importance of becoming aware of how unresolved problems affect their health.

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