Descargar gratis EL VIENTO Y EL SOL (MIS PRIMEROS CUENTOS) libro en pdf

  • Autor VV.AA. , 2002
  • Categoria Idiomas
  • Editorial ELI
  • Paginas 25
  • ISBN 9788881487868

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookEL VIENTO Y EL SOL (MIS PRIMEROS CUENTOS)

For beginners.

A series of 6 volumes of fairy tales based on the fables of Phaedrus, Aesop and La Fontaine, to attract young foreign language learners.

The fold-out pages and colorful and animated illustrations capture the attention of young readers and encourage them to follow the text.

Illustrated vocabulary, thematic activities and games stimulate reading and memorization while encouraging self-learning.

Wind and sun + audio CD Only kind actions bring success:

This is the moral of an ancient and well-known fable, told in a modern context in which the wind challenges the sun to have a competition of strength.

But you don't need strength to win, you need intelligence and kindness.

The dictionaries with full-color thematic illustrations present some of the main terms of basic Spanish, while the games and activities make reading easier, more participatory and more useful.

The drop-down pages offer children large, vivid and engaging images to capture their attention, encouraging them to follow the story.

Accompanied by Audio CD.

Illustrated vocabulary: -nature -camping -weekdays -clothing

El pdf EL VIENTO Y EL SOL (MIS PRIMEROS CUENTOS) en español que trata sobre Idiomas tiene 25 paginas, distribuido por la editoral ELI, escritas por el escritor VV.AA. , 2002


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