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In Marcel Furriols no és cap venture.

From fet, you will need to be in a cool environment and no people will be stimulated, but few homes will be able to boast of having seen you more intensely.

In his life's work he will encounter some of the most brilliant minds of the early 20th century: Santiago Rusiñol, Bertrand Russell, Sigmund Freud, Otto Dix, J. M. de Sagarra...

They will also be dissuaded from the horror of war, of malaltia and penuries, of social unrest, of the solitude of the prisoner, of the youthfulness of a country that is full of people, of the denial of unfulfilled promises, of the pain of enduring love, and of the damunt of all, of the yearning for revenge, of the most corrosive of all feelings.

The funeral of mossèn Cinto Verdaguer, the bohemian atmosphere of Els Quatre Gats or the visits to the Cau Ferrat de Sitges de la mà de l'avi Conrad will reveal a restless experience and critical thinking.

Thus, it is not strange that in Marcel I recognized only one passion: to form part of the history of thought and to leave petja with large homes through knowledge.

As a matter of fact, the history of the town has seen the arrival of a copy and another one as it is found in the goods of the waves.

It is well known that he is capritxós, but in Marcel it is an honest home that more than anything else is the responsibility: "Davant d'un enforcall de camins, quasi sempre vaig optar pel que menys em convenia".

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