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  • Autor JO MARCHANT , 2017
  • Categoria Salud y Dietas
  • Editorial ANGLE
  • Paginas 414
  • ISBN 9788415307587

Toda la biografia de JO MARCHANT , 2017

És autora de Decoding the Heavens, finalista del premi de llibres científics de la Royal Society.

D. en Genètica i Microbiologia mèdica i escriu sobre temes científics per a New Scientist, Nature, The Guardian, Wired, The Observer i Smithsonian.

Colaborador de la BBC Ràdio, CNN i National Geographic.

Viu en Londres.

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookCURA T DES DE DINS

Have you salivated more than once (or imagined) a llimona?

If this is the case, I have already experienced how your mind dominates your mind.

This interdependence between ment and cos has so far been widespread and its healing possibilities have only allowed the exploration of alternative therapies and popular practices.

But recently scientists from various fields have found solid evidence that the mind influences the cosmos in a deeper and broader way than is thought so far.

What about alternative medicines? Can our thoughts, beliefs and desires influence our health?

We can strengthen the cervix to help cure our pain because Jo Marchant has seen the world to interview patients and researchers who explore the vast potential of the mind to heal.

In this book he discovers with meditation protected against depression and dementia, how social relationships increase life expectancy or how patients recover more quickly as they are sent back to them.

A fascinating and instructive approach to medicine, all stops many humans, integrity and hope."


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