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  • Autor SUSAN LARSON , 2011
  • Categoria Filología
  • Paginas 204
  • ISBN 9788484895572

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookCONSTRUCTING AND RESISTING MODERNITY: MADRID 1900-1936

One of the main concerns of geography is the study of places, but questions of sense of place are also central to research in other disciplines.

When one takes a step back and looks at the representations of place and urban space in particular, one often finds that they play a reciprocal role in the creation of one's own urban environment.

The experience of living in the urban environment, in turn, becomes the content of much of modern culture, which portrays the city in multiple ways, some critical, some utopian, but always with a sense of the power it has to shape people's lives.

Building and resisting modernity is a geographical approach to urban literary narrative written in Madrid between 1900 and 1936.

It analyses the different discourses of modernity that were circulating at the time, analysing the urban and architectural initiatives of the city and contrasting the criticisms of this process of modernisation that was wreaking havoc on the lives of those who were in the midst of this dynamic and violent era.

Focused on the fiction of authors such as Carmen de Burgos, José Díaz Fernández and Andrés Carranque de Ríos, this study analyses the imaginary cartography of each work in order to understand how each author tries to humanise the experience of modernity.

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