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  • Autor BEL OLID; MERCE CANALS , 2018
  • Categoria Infantil
  • Paginas 48
  • ISBN 9788483435427

Toda la biografia de BEL OLID; MERCE CANALS , 2018

Isabel Olid Báez (Mataró, Barcelona, 4 de octubre de 1977), conocida como Bel Olid, es escritora, traductora y profesora de lengua, literatura, traducción y escritura creativa.

Ha recibido varios premios literarios, entre ellos el Premio Documenta (2010).

Desde marzo de 2015 es presidenta de la Asociación de Escritores en Catalán.

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookALANA I ALADA

LAlana was born with the cameras cut, and to be able to run and jump and jump like the swollen baby that she is, there is no other choice but to operate.

But to get back sha shah, he's still unleashing the rest of his followers.

Quin avorriment!

Since they are stopped, that is why I know her, because she is the ideal companion: a beautiful, small and frightened hip that has fallen from the child a night of tempest.

Baby and toddler get together, not thinking that, when they arrive, they will be able to separate. Alana is born with crooked legs and undergoes an operation to be able to walk and run like any other girl.

Her father cares for her very much and, so that she is not alone during her convalescence, gives her a goldfinch that she found wounded at the bottom of a tree.

The girl and the goldfinch become friends and keep each other company, until Alana recovers and can finally go for a run and play on the field.

While enjoying the fresh air, he realizes that the goldfinch is still at home, locked in his cage.

She runs back to get the bird and decides to let go.

But the next day the goldfinch reappears out his window, for his friendship is forever.

El pdf ALANA I ALADA en español que trata sobre Infantil tiene 48 paginas, distribuido por la editoral BAMBU EDITORIAL, escritas por el escritor BEL OLID; MERCE CANALS , 2018


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