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  • Autor IRVINE WELSH , 2016
  • Categoria Literatura
  • Paginas 496
  • ISBN 9781784700560

Toda la biografia de IRVINE WELSH , 2016

Irvine Welsh nació en 1958 en Escocia.

Creció en el corazón del barrio obrero de Muirhouse y dejó la escuela a la edad de dieciséis años, cambiando de trabajo muchas veces hasta que emigró a Londres con el movimiento punk.

A finales de la década de 1980 regresó a Escocia, donde trabajó para el Edinburgh District Council mientras se graduaba de la universidad y trabajaba por escrito.

Su primera novela, Trainspotting, fue un éxito extraordinario, al igual que su adaptación cinematográfica.

Fue publicado por Anagrama, así como sus títulos posteriores:

Acid House, Ecstasy, Slag, Slag, Tail, Porn, Bedroom Secrets of the Great Chefs and If You Liked School, You'd Love The Work.

Sinopsis completa y descripción del libro ebookA DECENT RIDE

Selected for the 2015 Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Award for comic fiction.

A devastating force of nature is wreaking havoc on the streets of Edinburgh, but it has the male star, the drug dealer, the gonzo-porn star and the taxi driver, Juice' Terry Lawson, who finally found his mate in Hurricane Bawbag'?

Can Terry discover the fate of the missing beauty, Jinty Magdalen, and keep her lover, man-child Wee Jonty, out of prison?

Will you find out the true motives of the unscrupulous American businessman and reality TV star, Ronald Checker?

And, above all, will Terry be able to negotiate life after a terrible event that robs him of his sexual virility, and can a new fascination with the game of golf help him live without the help of...


A Decent Ride sees Irvine Welsh back home, leaving us in the capable hands of one of her most convincing and popular characters, Juice' Terry Lawson, and introducing another tied to cult status, Wee Jonty MacKay: a man with the genitals and brains of a donkey.

In her funniest and dirtiest book to date, Irvine Welsh celebrates an unreconstructed misogynist con man, a central character who is brazen but also, curiously, decent and who finds new ways to do wild comedy with fantastically dark material, assuming some of the latest taboos.

So buckle up, because this is a ride that could certainly get a little bumpy...

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